About MRI Horses

Another year rolls around and the excitement of seeing what foals we get in the spring is another reminder of why we are thankful the Good Lord has put us to tending some of the most beautiful creatures in His Creation. The horses He has blessed us with are definitely beautiful, colorful, classy, cowy, and athletic. We are proud to be an AQHA Ranching Heritage breeder and a selected breeder in the AQHA breeder referal program and have been breeding registered Quarter Horses for 50+ years preceeded by model Quarter Horses, bucking horses, and homestead ranch horses back to 1912 when our ranch was homesteaded.

Our Mares:

It seems like with every mare we say she’s one of our best. They really are fantastic girls and each of them is one of the best. We hate to see the older ones go. That’s why they stay with us until we really can’t care for them any longer. We have some awesome old mares for sale if you want to feed them and get an incredible foal next spring.

Our Stallions:

We currently have 2 stallions that are top notch. We lost Provocative Cowboy in November, 2011, but you will notice that the majority of our mares are his daughters.  They are amazing mares and their off-spring make even better horses!

Sanrose Blue Colonel, 2007 blue roan, spent the summer of 2010 in the Utah Reined Cowhorse. Colonel showed exceptional cow for a two year old and handled well as a three year old. We are not into spending lots of money on showing and competing and chose to bring Colonel home to use on our ranch. His foals have been fantastic. He is a great blessing to our ranch and program!  We really aren’t finding anything to fault in his foals yet because they have the minds of professionals and are so good to work with!!!

MRI Snips Spirit is the loving member of the family. He is not only gorgeous, he’s a sweetheart. Spirit is a standout buckskin roan grandson of Cowboy and son of Weavers Doc Ima Poco . You could “sip a glass of wine” while riding him. He  throws color and his off-spring are gritty and cowy and really work to get a job done.  They are stylish and heavier bodied than our other horses.

Reference sire, Redeemed Lynx, is a 1998 black stallion who we stood for many years and sold to a warmer climate in the fall of 2016 where he can have it a bit easier in his old age. He is smart, sensitive, cowy, and very pretty. He also travels very smoothly with good feet and legs and he has the ideal Quarter Horse head. His foals are beauties and super to ride. His last foal crop for us will be born in 2017.

Reference sire is the gorgeous 2006 palomino stallion, Tri the Pepsmoke, better known to us as Gunner.  We leased Gunner for 2 summers. Gunner is a beautiful horse with a sweet disposition. His foals have good minds and good color. We retained a daughter for our pr

How we run our horses:

Many people want to hear how we run our horses. Our mares are range mares and run at pasture year round. They foal unassisted which means we lose some each year to predators and spring storms that come up suddenly. The foals learn to travel over country and deal with rattlesnakes, rough country, and rough weather and drought. Generally, the foals are brought in about the first week of September for halter breaking, trimming, worming and then put on whole oats with the mares. The foals are fed through the winter. The spring of their yearling year, we geld them and trim feet and put them out to pasture. They stay at pasture until brought in as 2 or 3 year olds for training. While they are not usually pets, they generally become very gentle and quiet soon after their training begins.

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We welcome you to come visit us at the ranch to see the horses. If you are unable to come to eastern Montana, then please call to let us know how we can help you. We will honestly tell you the good and not-so-good of each individual and help you find the horse that best fits your needs. We want you and our horses to be happy.

We have your next best friend ready to load in the trailer!

Repeat buyers have built our business. References are available upon request.


Our horses are guaranteed for conformation and disposition when sold. These are animals…so we cannot guarantee each horse’s reaction to what you do with them or how you treat them.

Buyer assumes all responsibility at time of sale.

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