Horses For Sale

Below you'll find a listing of the horses we currently have listed for sale. Click on the horse's name or photo and you'll be taken to that horse's individual page with more information, photos and a pedigree. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, please contact us.


Most of our for sale horses are listed and I try to keep pictures fairly current!  If you need something sooner, give me a call. Please understand we are a small family with a busy schedule so appreciate not having to send lots of pictures if you are not seriously considering buying.

Buffy’s Filly

MRI Snips Spirit x Zans Sagebrush Buffy
2017 buckskin roan filly

Shady’s filly

Sanrose Blue Colonel x Coppers Shady
2017 Dark Roan/Gray filly

Sweet’s colt

MRI Snips Spirit x MRI Sweet Sierra
2017 Buckskin Roan Colt

Breezy’s colt

MRI Snips Spirit x MRI Frosted Breeze
2017 buckskin colt

Darling’s Colt

Sanrose Blue Colonel x MRI Derby Darling
2017 Sorrel Colt

Cowgirl’s Filly

Redeemed Lynx x MRI Cowgirl Oak
2017 Bay Filly

Fudge’s Filly

Sanrose Blue Colonel x MRI Cowboy Fudge
2017 Brown Filly

Desire’s colt

Redeemed Lynx x MRI Beau Bar Desire
2017 Bay Stud Colt

Mossy’s filly

Sanrose Blue Colonel x MRI Mossy Miss
2017 Sorrel Filly

Pudge’s filly

Sanrose Blue Colonel x Miss Pocos Peppy Doc
2017 Sorrel filly

Lena’s Colt

Redeemed Lynx x MRI Sparkin Lena
2017 Black Stud colt

Delilah’s filly

Sanrose Blue Colonel and MRI Redeemed Desire
2017 Blue Roan filly